It is indeed an immense task but also a pleasure to help these young and handicapped children to live for a better tomorrow and a better world. As you all know we cannot do this without the constant support through well wishes, donors and supporters which is so greatly needed from time to time in order for us to continue serving the community on behalf of these children.

Therefore it is my request that for any of you who would like to contribute for any of the fallowing needs mentioned in this brochure and grabs your attention, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any teacher available at my absence to assist you or your friends to help you do so with the minimum inconvenience.

We are always on regular supervision of all activities and donations made for this charity organization and work in transparency towards our achieving our goal. Anyone can always consult me on any questionable query at any time.

I must convey my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed in so many ways and for many needs of the institution from time to time. I hope that by reading this brochure many people will be moved to contribute and support us in future expansions and developments of our institute. Any type of contribution big or small is always welcome with smile!


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