Applications for enrollment of new students, between the age groups of 05 – 14 years are accepted, provided they are supported with the following Documents.

01. A Medical Certificate issued by a recognized doctor.
02. A recently issued certificate by the Grama Seva Niladhari.
03. Any other supporting Documents.

Once the application is approved by the Board of Management, the parents along with the relevant student will be called for an interview.  Depending on the student’s condition, he will be admitted to a class recommended by Interview Panel.


All inmates are provided with Meals, School Uniforms, and Casual Clothing FREE OF CHARGE."


We have a dedicated staff of staff of 10 females. The Hostel staff comprises of 03 while the tutorial staff have 07 Teachers, who have undergone specialized training. 03 of them are DIPLOMA HOLDERS.



School opens from 8.30a.m. To 3.00 p.m.  While all the students are graded and guided as per relevant standard subjects, boys of the age of 15 years and above are provided with Vocational Training as well. Apart from studies all students take part in Extra Curricular Activities such as Sports, Religious & cultural activities, Drama, Dancing, Music, Painting and Agricultural activities. Pleasure trips too are organized to outstations. ALLTHESE ARE PROVIDED TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.

There are many more children awaiting admission to our school. However the accommodational facilities available at present do not permit us to go beyond 50. This means we could accommodate a few more.


All these students are subject to regular medical attention. Some of them are physical & mentally disabled. Hence, Medical facilities are needed.


Under the strict supervision and with the able guidance of a very active board of management, activities at ‘NAVODAYA’ is progressing on smoothly, but not without difficulties. There are a lots more to be done.


Since our School is not a profit making organization we look forward to receiving generous Donations from individuals as well as Private sector Organizations.

Raising funds to meet our immediate commitments such as, building repairs, renovations &  maintenance, providing health facilities, food, clothing, vocational training equipment, cooking utensils,  meeting expenses on water & electricity supplies and also payment of staff salaries adds up to an enormous amount.

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